House Rules:

Check-in: After 4:00 p.m.

Checkout: 10:00 a.m.

Self check-in with smart lock or lockbox/key

No smoking

No pets - unless approved by Bayshore Vacations

No parties or events - unless approved by Bayshore Vacations

Additional rules

Please read all of the rules carefully in order to avoid any deductions from your security deposit upon check-out and to ensure your safety during your stay with Bayshore Vacation Rentals.


CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT: Early check in or late check-out may be available upon request, so please ask a member of our Customer Experience team for cost and availability. Failure to abide by the listed check-in and check-out times will result in a $50 fine for every 30 minute violation before or after the times provided.

PROPERTY QUALITY INSPECTION: Within 24 hours in advance of your arrival, a Quality Inspection Specialist will conduct an inspection of the vacation rental property. If there are any concerns with the property, please notify Bayshore Vacation Rentals immediately to ensure that such issues may be remedied in a timely manner.

OCCUPANCY: Guests are responsible for ensuring that any visitors comply with the stated House Rules. Our rental rates are based upon a maximum number of persons (including children) per bedroom. Any additional overnight guests must be approved and are subject to additional fees. In the event that you exceed the maximum occupancy number on this property, you will be charged a $500 penalty per person for every person over occupancy, and Bayshore Vacations reserves the right to deny access or to require all guests to vacate the premises.

PERMITTED USE OF PROPERTY: Only those guests listed on the attached guest list to this rental agreement may occupy the property during the reservation periods. Unless pre-approved by Bayshore Vacations, no events, group gatherings, or parties are permitted. Upon discovery of an event, group gathering, or party, Bayshore Vacations personnel or Security shall have the right to enter and remove all persons from the Property, including you and your registered guests. In this event, you will forfeit all monies, including security deposits.

QUIET HOURS: Please respect our neighbors and abide by our quiet hours, enforced from 9pm - 8am. Noise must be kept strictly under 60 dBA during the day. Anyone found to be violating noise ordinances will be subject to an initial $500 fine followed by a possible eviction in egregious circumstances. Guests will not be given any refund for their stay or a refunded security deposit for issues related to noise ordinance violations.

SMOKING: All properties are non-smoking. Violation of the no smoking policy will result in forfeiture of the full security deposit and damage liability of up to $2,500 for any discovered damage to furniture or any odors.

PETS: Each Bayshore Vacations property is subject to a specific pet policy, please refer to the property description for information. Regardless, all pets must be reported to us, and approved prior to arrival. Any unauthorized pets will be subject to an additional fee. Any damage or additional cleaning charges attributable to pets (approved or unapproved) shall be charged to you, together with a fine of $100 per day. All pets and animals must be fully vaccinated, non -aggressive, free of fleas and ticks and fully house trained. Vet records of vaccines and flea and tick medication must be sent prior to arrival. Please do not allow your pets on any furniture in the rentals.

CLEANING: All trash must be taken out and placed in trash bins and all dishes must be placed in the dishwasher upon check out. Please treat this home like you would your own and deliver the home in the same condition as you found it. Any trash that is in excess of the allotted number of garbage cans will incur a charge of $150. If your stay exceeds 14 days there will be a scheduled mid-stay clean during your stay.

PAYMENT POLICY: To confirm your reservation Bayshore Vacations requires 50% of the total cost of the vacation (if your arrival date is more than 30 days in the future) paid on the day of booking. The full balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival date. Reservations that are made within 30 days prior to arrival must be paid in full when booking.

CREDIT CARD REQUIRED: If applicable to your reservation, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) may be required to hold a reservation and may be charged to pay for incidental charges and other fees incurred during your stay. The name on the credit card must be the name of the primary guest on the reservation and a picture ID and license plate numbers may be required along with the signed rental agreement. If any costs or damages, including but not limited to: extra cleaning fees, unauthorized occupancy, or unauthorized pets, are discovered during or within a reasonable amount of time after your stay, your credit card on file will be charged for said amounts. All charges will be subsequently followed with an email, which will breakdown the fees and/or damages. No charges will be processed without written notice.

PRICING AND ONLINE BOOKING: Rates and fees are updated regularly to reflect the most current and accurate charges on property listings and the online booking system. Bayshore Vacations reserves the right to adjust charges to the proper amounts after an online booking in the event of a clerical or technical error.

SECURITY DEPOSIT/ADDITIONAL COSTS: If applicable to your reservation, the security deposit will be used at the sole discretion of Bayshore Vacations to pay for the restoration of the property to its original move-in conditions (outside of other normal wear and tear). All stays require a security deposit. Additional costs include but are not limited to: cleaning beyond normal wear and tear, removing excessive garbage, repairing or replacing any part of the premises, its contents, common areas and recreational facilities for damage caused after your move-in. In the event that said deposit is insufficient, you agree to allow Bayshore Vacations to charge your credit card on file to pay the additional costs or we may send you an invoice that is payable in full upon receipt. If all terms and conditions of the agreement are fulfilled, the deposit will be returned in full within 21 business days after guest departure.

EXTENDED STAY POLICY: You are not permitted to stay beyond your reservation dates without Bayshore Vacations approval. We would always like to extend your stay if we are able to and are glad to hear you are loving the property. However, if you remain on the vacation rental property beyond the time and date of check-out, you agree and consent to be removed and locked out of the vacation rental property by Bayshore Vacations, its representatives, and/or law enforcement. You further consent to permit Bayshore Vacations to remove your personal belongings to a location of Bayshore Vacations choice, where you may retrieve them.

HOST CANCELLATION POLICY: If for any reason the Accommodation you booked is unavailable, including, but not limited to, issues related to safety, utilities, maintenance, guest overstays, weather or inaccessibility, accidental double booking on multiple platforms or other reasons, Bayshore Vacations may substitute a comparable unit or allow Guest to cancel and receive a full refund, or, if no comparable unit is available, Bayshore Vacations may cancel the reservation and provide a full refund of all payments made by you.

CHANGE IN GUEST CIRCUMSTANCES: If, after booking is completed, and correspondence or discussions with the guest disclose a change in circumstances involving the reservation of this property, Bayshore Vacations has the right to refuse a reservation to the guest if the reservation is not conducive to the welfare of the property. Such circumstances include but are not limited to an event or party planned during the guest's occupancy of the property, violations of the occupancy limits, rules regarding pets, age limitations or the purpose of the rental. Bayshore Vacations shall not be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with your occupancy of the property such as weather, acts of governmental agencies, inclement weather, etc. that causes service interruption or a power outage. No refunds shall be given for such occurrences and you are encouraged to obtain vacation rental insurance to cover such risks.

UTILITIES: The cost of your booking includes utilities assuming a normal usage; excessive usage will be charged separately and paid for by the Guest.

APPLIANCES: Tenants may only use appliances for their intended use. Damage incurred to appliances may be taken out of the security deposit.

THERMOSTAT: To prevent damages, the A/C may not be lowered below 68 degrees or heater set higher than 76 degrees Fahrenheit at any time during your stay.

PARKING: Be mindful of local street parking restrictions. Please review all parking details prior to your stay, including overnight parking rules and maximum number of cars permitted. Be mindful of local street parking restrictions as violations may lead to fines. Any possible fines accrued by guests during their stay due to failed parking compliance will be charged to the guest and Bayshore Vacations is not responsible for payments or reimbursement.

OTHER VIOLATIONS: Possible violations include, but are not limited to, limiting sound amplification outdoors, over occupying parking areas, over occupying rental property, and failing to follow your agreement with the Bayshore Vacations.

POOLS, SPAS, HOT TUBS, DOCKS, LAKE FRONT/ WATER FRONT PROPERTY (if applicable): No diving, No tampering with pool thermostat, No intoxicated persons may use the pool or spa, No glass containers in or around the pool or spa, No alcoholic beverages, Children may never be left unattended with access to the pool or spa, No lifeguard on duty - you and your guests shall swim at your own risk. Pools and spas are chemically serviced and cleaned regularly prior to your arrival. Please advise the office if your water amenity is not clean, and we will make every effort to contact a cleaner, but please understand that WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that the cleaner will be able to return to the property.

MAIL: Guests may not have packages or mail sent to the property during or after their stay. We do not always have full access to the mailbox and would not want you to lose your mail.

LOST & FOUND: Please note that all shipping is at the traveler's expense. There is a minimum $25 shipping cost. We are not liable for any lost items. Our team will do our best to locate your lost items after check-out.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: You are responsible for keeping your valuables safe at all times. By checking into the property, you waive, discharge, and agree to hold harmless Bayshore Vacations and the real property owner from all damages or injuries arising from or related to your stay at the managed property, including but not limited to, any accidents or injury to yourself, your guests and associates, and loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind

MAINTENANCE/REPAIRS: We cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, appliances, TVs/VCRs/DVD Players, stereo equipment or pools/spas. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office promptly. Bayshore Vacations will make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. If you demonstrate that the problem persists after being given phone instructions by a Bayshore Vacations property associate, a maintenance service professional will be dispatched. NO REFUNDS OR RENT REDUCTIONS WILL BE MADE DUE TO MECHANICAL FAILURES OR MALFUNCTIONS, INTERRUPTIONS OF UTILITIES, MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS OR CONSTRUCTION IN THE AREA. WHILE BAYSHORE VACATIONS WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO REPAIR ANY MAINTENANCE ISSUE IN A TIMELY MANNER, IT CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE ISSUE WILL BE FIXED DURING A GUEST STAY, AS THE COMPANY MAY HAVE TO GO THROUGH HOME WARRANTIES. Bayshore Vacations will always look for alternative solutions to ensure and prioritize guest comfort.

SAFETY: No unlawful use of the property. No weapons, violent behavior, fireworks, flammable substances, hazardous materials, or illegal substances permitted in or around the property. Guests found to be violating any of the safety rules shall be liable for any corresponding property damage, and subject to $500 fine and immediate eviction from the Property without refund.

SURVEILLANCE: Each property may be monitored by noise monitoring devices, periodic patrols, security, and 24-hour video electronic surveillance on the exterior of the house for guest security and to ensure that the house rules are respected. There is no electronic video surveillance monitoring pools or spas, or on the interior of the house. Do not tamper with any of our surveillance and safety equipment. Please report anything that needs replacing or fixing.

Bayshore Vacations reserves the right to require the tenant to vacate the premises with no refund should any of these rules be violated and unresolved. No refund of monies will be issued due to violation of the house rules, noise ordinances, or occupancy limits. Guests agree to follow any and all House Rules provided to them by Bayshore Vacations, as well as any and all rules of the Homeowners Association where the property is located, and any and all City or County ordinances in the area where the property is located. Any and all legal matters arising out of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the city in which you are renting. ALL GUESTS hereby acknowledge and agree to follow all house rules, neighborhood rules and city laws and ordinances.

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